Chaska PD Bike Sale

The Chaska Police Department virtual bike sale is back! 

Each bike is $15 and sold in as-is condition. Each bike rack is $5 and sold in as-is condition.

To purchase a bike or bike rack, click on the photo and follow the steps to complete the transaction. Inventory is updated daily. If the number of the bike you are trying to purchase is not shown in checkout, that means the bike has already been sold. If you have any issues completing your purchase, please contact the City at 952-227-7780 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

All proceeds go to the Chaska Police Department Explorer program. There are no refunds, and the City of Chaska and Chaska Police Department are not responsible for reconciling any necessary bike or bike rack repairs. 

You can pick up your purchased bikes and bike racks at 735 Victoria Drive on Wednesday, May 12 between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. Please bring a copy of your receipt with you.

Any general questions about the bike sale can be directed to Officer Janke.

Bike 9, Details: 24-inch black and purple Magna Air Tension bike, rusty, poor condition

Bike 9

Bike 10, Details: Kid's white and pink Disney Princess, torn seat, good condition

Bike 10

Bike 11, Details: Kid's pink with white handlebars little gem, front tire flat, good condition

Bike 11

Bike 13, Details: 20-inch boy's black and blue Mongoose bike, poor handlebars, rusty chain, and flat front tire, okay condition

Bike 13

Bike 17, Details: Boy's 24-inch maroon Next, rusty, fair condition

Bike 17

Bike 19, Details: 26-inch men's yellow Huffy Frontier, broken gear switch, no handlebar padding, slight rust, good condition

Bike 19

Bike 21, Details: Kid's purple with white handlebars and pink seat bike, no pads on the handlebars and slight flat front tire, good condition

Bike 21

Bike 23, Details: 20-inch black and green Huffy bike, loose handlebars, torn seat, and some rust, okay condition

Bike 23

Bike 25, Details: Kid's yellow and black Thrasher Performance bike, 2 flat tires, small tear in seat, some rust, fair condition

Bike 25

Bike 26, Details: Men's red Magna Glacier Point mountain bike, flat tires, loose seat, rusty chain, okay condition

Bike 26

Bike 28, Details: 20-inch black, blue, and silver Trek MT60 bike, 2 flat tires, torn seat, some rust, fair condition

Bike 28

Bike 29, Details: Junior 18-speed gray and red Rock Creek Huffy bike, dual suspension, right handlebar padding missing, missing peddle, okay condition

Bike 29

Bike 30, Details: Blue and black spray-painted bike, missing petal, okay condition

Bike 30

Bike 32, Details: Kid's white and purple Jazz Raleigh bike, broken chain, good condition

Bike 32

There are four bike racks available. All are similar make and model and missing some parts and straps. When purchasing, you can select any number from 1 to 4 in checkout.

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